About us

i-moments is the result of the evolution of AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, S.L., a company with over 30 years experience in the photography world. The enterprise began manufacturing and distributing products and accessories for traditional and analog photography, becoming an important point of reference in this sector.

With the arrival of the new technologies, AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, S.L. developed and incorporated the digital technology, thus replacing practically the analog technology. Since then, AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, S.L. has gone through a deep restructuring which has led the company to become again a point of reference in this incipient market.

i-moments was born as a result of this transformation but also because of AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, S.L. wish to satisfy their customers' needs. A project thought up to put at costumers' disposal a set of tools that allows them to obtain the best possible results, because i-moments means both innovation and imagination.

i-moments has been created for the customers... and for their pictures, since i-moments wants to share with their customers those unforgettable moments, that will keep forever.